Day 6: Dobang – Italian base camp

Technical details of the day

Hiking duration: 8 h
Cumulative Ascend Value: 1310 m
Cumulative Descend Value: 230 m

Map of the day

Curve of difference in heights

Curve of difference in heights of day 6 of the around Dhaulagiri trek: Dobang – Italian base camp

Curve of difference in heights of day 6 of the around Dhaulagiri trek: Dobang – Italian base camp

Details of the day

We were left for a day of walking in the forest. After 10 minutes of walking, we reached the first bridge we crossed. We went back into the forest. Like yesterday, the paths were often muddy and very wet.

Around noon, we arrived at Choriban. As Dobang, Choriban is a refuge open only during the summer with sites for tents. Here it is also possible to order a dhal bat.

We stopped here only for lunch. We continued our walk because we felt good and we prefered to spend the night at the Italian base camp. The path goes back behind the hut. Be aware that despite it being mentioned on the cards, do not look for the American base camp because it doesn’t exist anymore. The path rises up in the rubble (ancient river?) and then re-enters into the forest. It leave the forest to continue on a hill with a steep slope. On the top of the hill, we walk in the forest of bamboos. After leaving the bamboo forest, there are approximately 500 m and a river to cross before finally arriving at Italian base camp.

There is a refuge and places for tents are large and well maintained. This was the last time we saw some inhabitants and a refuge.

We had pitched our tent for two nights. We decided to stay one day more here for acclimatation.

The landscape is breathtaking. It looks like unreal.

It’s just wonderful!

We fall asleep with the sound of avalanches.

Pictures of the day

GPS data


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