Around Dhaulagiri Trek

The first trek we did in Nepal is the “around Dhaulagiri trek”. We did it from October 24 to November 6, 2010.Dhaulagiri (धौलागिरी) which means “white mountain” in Nepali, is the 7th highest peak in the world and culminates at 8167 meters (26795 ft). We were interested in this trek for two reasons: we looked for a low touristic trek and also a trek which could be done independently.

Around Dhaulagiri trek Portfolio

A selection of pictures taken during the around Dhaulagiri trek in October 2010

Torres del Paine Portfolio

A selection of photos taken during the O trek of Torres del Paine in October 2009

Iceland Portfolio

A selection of photos taken in Iceland in May 2009

GR20 Portfolio

A selection of photos taken during the GR20 trek (northern part) in august 2011


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