Day 12: Yak Kharka – Marpha

Technical details of the day

Hiking duration: 3 h10 min
Cumulative Ascend Value: 50 m
Cumulative Descend Value: 1437 m

Map of the day

Curve of difference in heights

Curve of difference in heights of day 12 of the around Dhaulagiri trek: Yak Kharka - Marpha

Curve of difference in heights of day 12 of the around Dhaulagiri trek: Yak Kharka - Marpha

Details of the day

As we knew that this was the last day of the trek and that the step would not last the whole day, we took our time in the morning. It was nice to sleep late. The breakfast was invigorating and especially because we did not eat the yesterday evening.

Once our backpack on our shoulders, we went for our last day which consisted only of very steep descent: 1500 m elevation negative! Fabienne’s toes will remember this day for nearly two months after the trek (no kidding!).

The path was well marked here even if it did not prevent us to hesitate a moment (We still laugh of our mistake, it was ridiculous). We reached almost the final goal. But the downhill made us suffer especially with the heat it did! The descent passed through a sparse forest.

We are never satisfied. When we get up we complain and it’s the same when we get down! 😉 But ultimately, we are happy when we look at the entire journey we did! We arrived in Marfa for lunch. It was all calculated. 🙂

WE DID IT! What a great adventure but we were not unhappy to arrive. This small village is beautiful. In addition we arrived on the day of the feast of the lights. Unfortunately we had no pictures because the camera was in my bag and I had reached a level of fatigue such that I had no courage to take off my bag to take the camera!

It was not difficult to find a small restaurant for lunch. We stopped at a great little restaurant with great decor and dishes. On the menu, a yak steak and apple pie: a Marfa specialty.

After being scared by looking in a mirror, we went by Jeep to Johmson, where we spent the night.

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