Day 13: Marpha – Pokhara


Details of the day

Writing in progress. Coming very soon.

Unfortunately we discovered that there is no direct bus to Pokhara from Marfa. By bus, there was only one choice: going to Beni with a local bus to take a second local bus to reach Pokhara. This solution would waste two days. After reflection, we decided to fly from Jomsom to Pokhara. The trip has the advantage to last an hour.

Unfortunately, we were obliged to spend the night at Jomsom. Indeed, the planes take off in the morning because the afternoon the wind gets up. The ticket is 60$.

Once tickets were reserved and the wallet empty! We were going twenty meters away from the travel agency looking for a hotel room with hot shower! We stopped in a small hotel where the rooms are correct and the shower had hot water: what else?

The shower was a real pleasure and we had to take it twice to be clean. 9 days without a real shower, it does not help. 🙂

Now it’s time for dinner and then we laughed again (the yellow laughing this time!). We found the most ridiculous and expensive burger of our lives. It consisted in of a piece of fried reconstructed chicken between 2 slices of bread with 5 French fries! We knew that we were on the tourist circuit of Annapurna trek.

The next day we took the plane to Pokhara. After passing the security check, we climbed into a small airplane with 10th places. The hostess went and gave us a candy and cotton to put in our ears!

We arrived in Pokhara where we can see mountains far away that we’ll dream of the rest of our lives.


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