Day 1: Beni – Tatopani

Technical details of the day:

Hiking duration: 2 h 15 min
Cumulative Ascend Value: 116 m
Cumulative Descend Value: 45 m

Map of the day

Curve of difference in heights

Courbe de dénivelé de l'étape 1 du trek du tour du Dhaulagiri : Beni - Tatopani

Curve of difference in heights of day 1 of the around Dhaulagiri trek: Beni - Tatopani

Details of the day:

Arrived to Beni, you have to join the start of the trail. For that, you have to walk in the high part of the village to be on the main street. Once on the main street, you have to continue on this street in direction of the west (on your left side). When you see the bridge, do not cross it but continue along the right side of the river.

Now, it is possible to take a bus from Beni to Darbang. The departure is near the bridge. You can gain one and half days of hiking but in this case you would miss encounters along the way and in the villages.

The first part of the trail was along the road used by the bus. After one hour, the path joined the road. Along the trail, we crossed a lot of villages and hiked along rice fields.

Three hours later, we arrived to Tatopani: it is the village where we decided to stop for the night. We went in a guesthouse: the second we saw. The first one we saw, was in the first part of the village (before the temple). Our guesthouse was in front of the drugstore. Our room was clean and we ate the best Dhal-bat of all our trip (600 Roupies all-included for both). The family where we rested was very kind and welcoming: smile and kindness are two words that come to our mind.

On the Annapurna circuit, there is also a village named Tatopani. Tatopani means “hot water” in Nepali because of hot springs near of this villages. Unfortunately we did not know this and then we did not take time to benefit of these hot water.

Pictures of the day:

GPS data

LatitudeLongitudeAltitude (m)

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  1. Eshali Trehan

    Hi I am an Indian. I m starting my tour from pokhara.. Plz guide me how to travel. I have a map with me of Annapurna conversion area and permits also. where should I go and where should I stay please guide me you can contact me through email.


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